Marjan Kataroski

Director of the Forum

The most perfect, sensitive and responsive musical instrument in the world is human voice. It can express all kind of feelings and emotions. This impression will be strengthen much more if we listen to choir. Voices that sound together, hearts and souls harmonized as a one unit and support each other are making Music! Being a member of this and listening to choir is a big pleasure and delight! We will be very happy to meet with different choirs from other countries at our Choir Forum in Macedonia, learn and hear the beauty of its phonation, and also introduce the choir traditions of south Slavonian to you! Welcome to the world of unison, perfect harmony and irrepressible inspiration!
Unison always perfect order and irrepressible inspiration!

Sasho Tatarchevski

Аrtistic director and Conductor of the forum,

Born in Bitola 1972 where he starts his music education. He earns his masters degree in choral and symphonic and opera conducting at the Faculty of Music in Skopje. He also participates on conducting master classes in New York, Rome, Berlin, Moscow, Florence and St.Petersburg.
Mr. Tatarchevski has performed with many different ensembles including the Macedonian philharmonic, The orchestra of the Macedonian opera and ballet, Orchestra Sinfonica di ICE – Rome, the Bitola opera, the Bitola chamber orchestra, the modern music ensemble “Alea”, the Symphony orchestra of the FM, “The soloists of the FM”, the Symphony orchestra of the Bitola summer festival, the choirs of the FM and “Stiv Naumov”, the vocal group of the state ensemble “Tanec”, the Mandolin orchestra of the Youth Cultural Centre e.t.c.
At the moment he is a teacher of conducting related subjects at the Faculty of Music in Skopje, conductor of the “Dragan Shuplevski” mixed choir, “Pro Ars” chamber choir and the Female choir at the Youth cultural centre – Skopje.
Besides in Macedonia he has performed numerous concerts and won international prizes with various ensembles in Portugal, Slovenia, Scotland, Belgium, Greece, Switzerland, Spain, Croatia, Italy, Serbia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Russia, France, Turkey and Austria. Some of the awards include the CUM LAUDE prize at the European festival in Belgium, the First prize at the “Prague strings” festival, Special prize for conducting in Prague, first prizes on choral competitions in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland and Croatia.