27.10 - 03.11.2024
Republic of Macedonia – one of Europe’s last great undiscovered countries filled with great historical, cultural and natural treasures. In these lands, the successors of Cyril and Methodius continued their teacher’s work; the Cyrillic alphabet was created, which later became a foundation for the Slavic literacy. Macedonia’s cultural richness is expressed through its large cultural heritage: churches, monasteries, archeological findings, historical ruins. Every part of this small but extremely hospitable country abounds in its particular beauty and atmosphere. 
Our “Forum of Choirs” will be held in Struga, on the shore of the famous Ohrid Lake that is under the protection of UNESCO. Crystal clear water, breathtaking mountain landscapes, the harmonious breath of the forest combined with the old city architecture. Struga – city of poetry, city of art. Macedonia carefully nurtures the singing traditions and today opens its gates for creation of artistic fellowship, exchange of performing experience – of all choirs that interpret classical music and which would like to merge with the choir tradition of the South Slavic people, to discover new methods of working with choirs.
You are expected to have a first hand unique opportunity – by the most famous Macedonian conductor Sasho Tatarchevski, and attend a master-class. The maestro Tatarchevski will prepare a special music score for each choir (traditional Macedonian song, spiritual church music or a piece by a Macedonian composer) depending on the choir level and its repertoire, and it will be performed on the final concert of the “Forum of Choirs”.