Zapro Zaprov - Macedonia

Zapro Zaprov is born in 1947 in Piperevo-Strumica, Macedonia. He was a professor at the Pedagogical Faculty “St.Climent Ohridski” -Skopje. Since student days Zaprov is conducting and working with all gender choir and orchestra ensembles. But most significant is his highest choir activity: for three decades he continuously worked with the Children Choir ”Razvigorce” and the Youth Female Choir in the Youth cultural center in Skopje. In 1995 Zapro Zaprov constituted the Choir Studio “RUSTICO” – Skopje. With all these ensembles he won 111 prizes and special rewards, among which 53 international in Slovenia, Hungary, Holland, Turkey, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Spain, Germany, Greece, BiH, Italy, Moldova, Serbia e.t.c. He also received several professional and state awards like the Georgi Bozikov award for the most successful concert on the “Days of the Macedonian music” 1989, 13th November - by the city of Skopje with the Youth female choir 1983 for achieving special results on the filed of music culture; 2 (two) Gold medals from the city council for child raising and welfare – Skopje, as well as the 11 October award which is the highest state award for particular contribution in the field of art and culture, 2001. He held over 2500 concerts and stage performances at different music manifestations in a lot of countries around the world and in his own country as well Zaprov continuously composes and arranges choral, children and other music genders, his compositions are in repertory of many choir ensembles in the world. Held several seminars in the choir, choir conductor and pedagogical area, some were held in Kazanj - Russia, Hamamatsu – Japan, Tesseloniki – Greece, Prijedor - BiH e.t.c.

Besides music, he is also active in the fine arts field, had held 20 (twenty) individual exhibitions and takes part in many international and domestic art colonies. In the art field he has over 700 (seven hundred) art pieces in different techniques and his original technique – rug (fabric).