Thea Paluoja

Thea Paluoja her first experience as a  vocal teacher dates back to 1981. From 1985 to 1988, she had a  successful career as a  most popular Estonian pop singer. She has received training in the Estonian Music.Academy with professor Ants Üleoja. Thea Paluoja started vocal 
work with young soloists and ensembles at Rapla in 1990. In 1992, 
it was collectively named Rapla Singing Studio. Today in the studio 
she works with 4 choirs, 4 vocal ensembles and over 20 soloists. 
Choirs, ensembles as well as soloists led by Thea Paluoja have been 
successful in competitions both in Estonia and abroad.In Estonian 
vocal competitions, Thea Paluoja has repeatedly received the title 
of the best singing instructor and arranger. The Estonian Choral 
Association gave Thea Paluoja the Conductor (Music Teacher) of the 
Year title in 2006. She has also received the annual awards of famous 
Estonian composers Riho Päts and Gustav Ernesaks and has been the 
grantee of the Annual Prize of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia. In 
2009 she received the Culture Pearl of the Year title.