1.1. Choirs that include classical music interpretation are invited to participate in the Forum:
•    Children’s choir (younger and older)
•    Youth choir (male, female and mixed)
•    Amateur choir (school, high school and academic)
•    Vocal-choir Ensemble
•    Professional choir
•    Public, friends, supporters of all choirs 
1.2. In order to participate in the competition, one must send an application as an attached form on the address or e-mail of the organizer  no later than the 30th of April. 
1.4. After the review of the video material, the organizer sends the official invitations, no later than the 10th of may.


2.1. Accrediting on the forum requires an official invitation, as well a complete funding for each participant of the choir, no later than the day of the arrival.
2.2. The amount includes participation, accommodation in a hotel, half board, free master classes, conductor rehearsals, excursions. Everyone attending the forum is considered participant and should follow the rules of the forum.
2.3. The official invitation for the forum is sent after the done payment, 100 euros per person in advance, on the forum account. The advance is non-returnable in case the participation is cancelled.
2.4. Travel expenses are covered by the participants themselves.
2.5. The accredited participants have the right to attend all of the forum’s events.


3.1. In the end of the forum the participants are awarded certificates for master-class attendance and letters of gratitude to the choir leaders. 


4.1. Data about the arrival of the participants are reported to the organizer, no later than the 1st of June.
4.2. All participants must have insurance during the travel and stay abroad.
4.3. The collectives’ duty is to have proper amount of supporting people that will guarantee the safety of the children.
4.4. Failure to fulfill the festival’s requirements results in an expulsion from the competitive program of the forum.
4.5. All materials (audio, video and printed production) made during the forum are considered to be forum’s property and they have the right to use and distribute the information according to their means, without the payment of fees to the participants.
4.6. The organizer has the right to make changes in certain points of the agreement